If sleeping beauty wasn’t a fairytale….

…she’d be having a pretty shit time.

It is hard to wake up and find that the rest of the world has changed, whilst you’ve been snoozing; and that you’ve been left behind.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was swallowed up by an eating disorder.

It consumed her teens, and a lot of her twenties, and meant that her ages were a bit out of sync.

That bit’s already been written about.

This is where the real adventure begins –

Because, after the initial shock had worn off, this girl began to discover that saying hello to life at 30 gives a rather different take on things.

And so, she realised that there was no point in playing catch up or regretting everything that she’d lost; and decided  instead, to embrace this second chance –

Because there is no such thing as never and it is impossible to predict what tomorrow will bring.


5 responses to “If sleeping beauty wasn’t a fairytale….

  1. The new blog was a great idea. I’am really looking forward to followin you through your adventures, both the ups and the downs. Remember bravery conquers all!
    I will never forget how finding Melissa helped me find myself again.

  2. i love this blog post! : )

    I also really like the header. Moreover, I think this space too can be “finding” because finding is “never” over if you are truly living….

    congratulations…to let go of an identity above all else….the rest is all exploring…..where many new identities will be gift-wrapped for you but you must also say, “no thank you, I don’t want your box”.

    bravo, dear.


  3. And now, I feel even closer to you than I have so far. I’ve been following your blog in my own battle with ED and you’ve always provided me with inspiration and thought. I didn’t realise we were the same age, and somehow that makes a difference. Keep fighting, real life starts here.

  4. It’s funny; the things that scar us make up so much of who we are. I have scars, big, ugly, long physical ones from traumas that helped to define me. I look back at the moments that caused them with shudders and gratitude now. But some of my very best moments are when I don’t remember them. When I’m smiling and I’ve completely forgotten, in that moment, about the broken parts of me. About the scars. When I feel like I’ve surpassed them.

    Letting go of a tragedy, a trauma, and even the overcoming of it, to become who we can be, who we want to be – to embrace the potential of it all – is a monumentally courageous and joyous act. Go you. (And thanks for the invitation…)

  5. Ems1652 – your comment made me cry. Thank you. And absolutely delighted that you’re sticking with me. xx

    Thanks Annie and lovely to see you here. Means a lot. No, I think the finding continues forever – I guess it’s about exploring and owning at the same time, if that makes sense. I ‘spose this is the point where I start owning stuff through my own identity and see what happens if I do that in a new space. Will be interesting… 😉

    icedgem27 – it has been a really long journey. Never give up. I guess I want this blog to be the next step – but it comes in a context: life is very beautiful when you have fought for it, if that makes sense. xx

    So glad you’re here Michael and I think you’re right. I wouldn’t be who I was without my past – and yet, I also need not to fixate on that and just take me as I now am. It has been a bit of a leap into the unknown – but an exciting one for the same reason.

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