Things that make me smile.

I wrote a post about my header. It tried to make some valid points, but it ended up falling a bit flat.


It made me feeling boring –

When actually, my header makes me smile.

A huge warm cheek-crinkling head-lifting smile, like when you’re so excited about something that it feels like you will burst.

So I’ve started again.

Fresh sheet. Stripped back. Straight to the point, which is not as complicated as I had been making it; but, in essence remains the same –

My header makes me smile.

It makes me smile because it represents the adventure that I’d like this blog to be about; and because it was drawn by someone that I think is great. The latter is about connectivity – and the former, about exploring my new life. The first, visible to all; the second, that fuzzy feeling that comes from feeling that someone out there cares.

I’m aiming for more of both this year.

2011 is not about seriousness, which I have had more than enough of.

It is about adventures, connectivity and things that make me smile.


11 responses to “Things that make me smile.

  1. I recognise the style in the header and its AWESOME

    I have jumped on board your new adventure 🙂

  2. Your header makes me smile too. It fills me with hope and leaping over buses in a single stride and all good things.
    I still don’t like flutterbys though. Just sayin.. 🙂

  3. Love the header. Makes me smile too. 🙂

  4. “Adventures, connectivity and things that make me smile…”

    Altogether, just yes. Here’s to all of them and here’s to you and fresh starts, Melissa. 🙂

  5. Your header makes me smile, too. And I am somewhat anti-London.

  6. Congrats on your new life chapter! To adventures! xx

  7. Having had the new Twitter thingummy (technical term), I had wondered if there might be a new blog too. And there is! Huzzah! And a lovely header too!

  8. Awww. Your header AND you are gorgeous. So looking forward to connecting with you here. Exciting!

  9. So, I might actually respond to my comments in a timely fashion here… 😉
    I cried on the way home from the bus stop. I have no idea what I will write about but I feel totally supported in moving on.
    Claire – you stuck with me on Finding M and it’s an honour to see you here. Thank you xx
    WG – can’t say it enough. Mucho love matey. And might one day change your mind…
    Karita – ’tis the work of a genius 😉
    James – new starts but same journey if that makes sense. There will be adventures.
    sanabituranima – it has taken me a bit of getting used too…lovely to see you here xx
    Puppet – Absolutely. We have grand plans. xx
    Richard – hello. There is indeed. It is a little daunting…but the fab header does help 🙂
    Julie – Thank you. And yes, it is. Scary but very very exciting. xx

  10. Looking forward to the new adventure, strapped in & ready to roll.

    Loving the header too, tho I wont say too much as the artist will no doubtedly get an even bigger head. 🙂

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