So, I have this theory about bubbles.

Actually, I think it was Virginia Woolf’s theory, though I can’t remember which novel it came from nor where the line between her version and mine falls, but – bear with me – it is about human connection and what happens when our paths cross.

It goes something like this.

Imagine that we’re all bubbles. We float around in this dark existential nothingness (because we are, ultimately, in it on our own) – but every now and then we smash –

And instead of going pop, something wonderful happens.

We connect.

This is a Twitter-inspired post, although I didn’t realise it until this point.

It is about the fact that the more bubbles you come into close proximity with, the more opportunities there are for the magic moment. For bumping into someone that makes you think – or smile – or grow – or learn something new – or any one of a number of emotions that makes a connection change your world –

I’ve been bubble-bashing like mad over the past year.

It has felt, to continue stealing Woolf’s analogy, like illuminated moments in the dark. Flashes of light that have come closer and closer together as each connection opens a new door and, every time, the world expands a little bit more and gets a little bit smaller at the same time.

Twitter helps it happen. Real world networks makes it happen. Reaching out – and letting people in – and opening ourselves up, makes it happen…

This blog isn’t going to be too serious (famous last words) – but, I was reading the lovely comments that people have been leaving and feeling the warm glow that I mentioned in my last post, when it suddenly hit me how the bubbles of connections have spread over and into my life. How they have changed my world, beyond recognition, in the past year; because one bubble has nudged me towards the next – and the next – and the next –

And there is so much light, despite the initial darkness; so many collisions – and the potential for so many collisions – that I rarely, now, feel totally alone.


23 responses to “Bubbles

  1. Oh bubbles, just further proof that we were destined to be friends.

    Which is very cryptic! But lets just say that bubbles are something that are very important to me! The fact that you wrote this post and have almost peeked into my brain is truly cool.


  2. I love this idea so much, it’s so visual! The connectivity is really important. That feeling of closeness takes so much practice to stay with and not ruin by over-analyzing (my favourite trick), accepting that not everyone is going to make you feel that way, and still not giving up. But, Wow, when it happens it is just amazing. When you *click* you really *click*, right? I wonder now how I lived without it! xxx

  3. I love these images. I also love finding those connections, makes me buzz a little bit when a bubble bashes into mine. 😀

  4. I love the thought of us being bubbles. I can visualise us all as bubbles just the same as those you blow out of the bubble pots you got when you were a kid. It’s such a lovely metaphor and I can relate so much to it in the Twitter-sphere. For me, that experience is as true as it is for you. We’ve met some incredible people (@Voiceinrecovery, @edbites, @edrecovery, @helpfored, @thisisMEssy, @julesyparker, and loads more), and without them, I don’t think I’d still be as committed to recovery, despite the fact that I’m fighting relapse at this moment, as I am inside. Glad to have bumped bubbles with you!! 🙂

  5. I first read this entry on my phone whilst I was on the train home. I looked across at the chap sitting opposite me – I always sit in the same place, and he gets on at the next stop and always sits across from me. But we don’t acknowledge each other at all. Reading this at the time made me see us as two static bubbles never quite hitting each other … not that I necessarily want to!!!

    Anyway…. I totally agree about how wonderful the internet can be for bubble-bashing. I’m so grateful for the fantastic people I’ve met and the different perspectives they’ve given me.

    It’s a really good analogy, whether it’s yours or Virginia’s! xx

  6. Bubbles are a great metaphor an this is a beautiful post. Here’s to bubbles; may they be ever connecting, and may we never lose ourselves in the process of conjoining.

  7. “And”. That should have been “and”. Ironic to think that I’m currently editing and revising…

  8. This is beautiful.

  9. My bubble is very glad to drift near your bubble . Great post Issa.
    Lots of bubbly love to you.

  10. And a little bit spooky Claire 🙂 You have however proved my bubble theory – how cool that we collided!

    Puppet – it’s totally that natural connection. Can’t think it out. And no, I don’t know how I managed before either… or maybe I was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough bubbles when actually the diving in makes the possiblities expand.

    Karita – and me….and I like adding the buzz idea into the analogy xx

    icedgem27 – and you; and yes, I do think the Twitter-sphere has remarkable potential for connectivity and the effect has certainly rippled into my whole life.

    Ruby Tuesday – it’s the randomness that’s also interesting I think. That we never know who we might bump into and whether it’s that bump which will change our world.

    Michael – that’s the cool thing about bubbles that I was imagining without realising – we do stay separate; just not alone. xx

    Thanks Sanabituranima 🙂

    WG – and mine yours. Love. But not bubbly 😉

  11. I like this analogy- the connections that I’ve been able to make through the Internet with sites like Twitter have been great 🙂

  12. Wow. I love this: “We float around in this dark existential nothingness (because we are, ultimately, in it on our own) – but every now and then we smash – And instead of going pop, something wonderful happens.”

    So happy to have smashed into you. xo

  13. For too long now I have viewed the world and others as a knife edge, that could at any moment, if I dare to get too close will pop my bubble leaving me weak and defenseless.
    But the world is not a minefield of disappointment.
    At least, not if you don’t percieve it to be.
    My bubble is only just starting to be mobilized- as it has only reacently had the energy to drift up into the world.

    Thanks melissa. The bubble theory is genius. Now I don’t feel alone either.

    • My bubble was always protected by an extra ‘don’t come near me’ layer, so I understand how you feel – and I guess this is why the analogy struck me so powerfully. Those connections are incredibly in comparison. And yes, I’m also learning that there’s not just disappointment out there too.

      Here’s to lots of collisions. 🙂

  14. Beautiful. The imagery of bubbles and the connections on the internet is perfect and describes my own experience as well.

    And bubbles are cool, light things of joy that reflect sparkle and flashes of colour. Altogether, brilliant post and, yeah, I’m glad that my own little bubble nudged into yours (and a fair few other cool floating people) in the great big space out there.

    We aren’t alone – we’re amazing little orbs of radiance on floating about in random space and there are more like us out there. When we come together, amazing and beautiful things can happen. 🙂

    • This is the next step I guess – the how we change when we collide. How we don’t just feel great but we can also create great things and get a bit stronger and change shape a little.
      Glad I bumped into you too Mr Clayton xx

  15. Connecting with someone on a deep level-not necessarily romantic-is something amazing. I have only really connected with one person and unfortunately that person is no longer in my life.
    Everyone deserves to connect with another bubble.

    • Yes – it’s the depth of connections and it’s naturalness that always awes me. And I think there are multiple connections – it’s just a little bit about chance and a little bit about making sure you’re open to where they could hit. Or something. 😉

  16. I loved this post and I just love the bubble analogy, regardless of who came up with it initially.

    I think it’s really important to mention just how much courage it takes when you’re in those really dark, lonely, scary places to reach out. IT IS SO HARD – but so worth it.

    Those beautiful connections, and amazing moments are there for all of us to experience, for all of us to share, none of us are alone.

    • That’s a great point Melissa and you’re spot on: it’s hard to reach out and put yourself out there when you’re not in a great place…and yet it can have wonderful effects if we move beyond the initial fear.

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