The littlest things….

…was on my iPod as I was walking to work this morning, and I decided that it was an apt title for this blog post. It’s amazing how much difference a song can make; the extent to which it is the littlest things that can transform our worlds.

I have been looking out for these moments of magic recently.

Noticing that in four minutes, the Black-Eyed Peas can take me from sleepy to dancing; and Laura Marling can move me from head-down to awed.

That an unexpected smile can explode a day’s worth of tension; and that the impact of a hug can linger long after I have been held.

That sometimes there’s nothing nicer than being made a cup of coffee – and that the act of making someone else a cup of coffee can also feel unexpectedly good.

That a glass of wine after a long day at work can feel like heaven; and the sun breaking through an overcast sky can completely change the view.

I am storing them up, these magic moments. For Mondays, which I’m finding particularly difficult at the moment; or just for times when life starts feeling a little bit hard. Making myself notice them so that they are not lost, or taken for granted, or over-shadowed by the grand gestures which, whilst enjoyable, have a limited timespan. Remembering them when someone else is having a hard time and I can’t quite find the words.

p.s. Where this post started…. The Littlest Things – Lily Allen


2 responses to “The littlest things….

  1. Our life is made up mostly of those little moments I think.

  2. Me too. And they’re so available, which is what I love at the moment. 🙂

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