In other news….

Oops. I appear to have got a bit serious. I have an annoying habit of doing that. Here’s some of the lighter stuff that I’ve been thinking about this week.

Mondays. I appear to have a problem with Mondays at the moment so I’m trialling a number of strategies. Last week I went for the ‘treat yourself on Monday evening’ strategy, but the damage had already been done by 7pm. The week before I pretended it was Tuesday, which was fine until Tuesday. Next week I’m thinking about filling the day with my favourite little things. We’ll see. Suggestions are more than welcome.

The Celestine Prophecy. I haven’t actually read this but we were talking about coincidence and how people come into our lives for a reason on Tuesday night, and I’ve been rather taken by the notion. It is not a new concept to me, but it seems particularly relevant at this point in my life. If I look at how much my world has changed in the past year, and how intrinsic the people that are now in my life have been to this….well, it just totally blows me away.

What if. So, I heard Helen Dunmore on Wednesday and, as well as thinking about memories, I have also been enchanted by this:“A lot of novels begin with “what it” and it spins from there.” Not only is “what if” a perfect opportunity to do some random thought jumping, but it has reminded me of the roots of no such thing as never. The infinite possibility in life that I so often, in the presence of a few challenges or solidified assumptions, forget.

Adele. I missed the Brit awards but fortunately, the hype ripple reached me and this week has been all about Adele. Her second album is as astounding as her first so I have been merrily over-playing Rolling In The Deep, and was delighted to stumble over this beautiful cover ridiculously late last night. It does mean that I have been dancing to the bus stop again but… 😉

Have a great weekend people. xx


3 responses to “In other news….

  1. nothing wrong with dancing to the bus stop. Unless you are dancing to McFly. That happened to me once, it was not cool. 30 year olds should not have McFly on their iPods. Bad. xx

  2. The “What If?” idea is so true and inspiring, and you’re right in saying that asking “what if?” needn’t just be about coming uo with the basis for books, films and other creative things.

    Asking “what if?” all the time is the start of adventures and experiences. Infinite possibilities, as you say. Maybe there’s something in the “what if?” idea that can creatively help you through Monday – otherwise the favourite little things sounds like a good idea. 🙂

  3. HOW did I miss Adele has another album!!! MUST buy now

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