One thought along…

I am in another phase of fragmented sentences and half thought through ideas.

It is totally frustrating.

There is a theme to my writing, I think; but it is just out of eyeshot and the pieces have not come together yet.

This post is about imagination.

I thought it was about pessimism – about how expecting the worst can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and one that stops us owning the successes (“a fluke”) or next steps (“because we might not be so lucky next time”). Then I thought it was about standing in my way – about the fact that there seems to be an automatic “but that’s impossible” voice that has tapered down my life. I started writing a piece on “shooting for the stars” – about how aiming high could override the pessimism and soar over the barriers –

But how do we shoot for the stars if we can’t imagine them?

And how do we move past the barriers if we can’t extend the possibilities, at first, through exploring them in our minds?

I think imagination might be the key….only I’m not great at day dreaming and I tend to re-read the world through what I have already seen. Its back to that past informing the present thing; and the how we do we make life bigger question that I think I’ve been trying to figure out.

Sometimes our perspective is broadened by the people we meet. Sometimes it’s down to chance coincidence or steps into another world. Sometimes curiosity leads the way. And sometimes it’s down to taking that imaginative leap. The “six impossible things before breakfast” thinking that breaks the mind out of the normal rules.

What if?

Let me imagine…

I have not been doing this enough.

And so, for the moment, I am going to spend some time exploring my imagination because somewhere along the way, it seems to have got lost. I’m not sure how I’ll do it, just yet. Maybe through reading more. Maybe through listening and looking. Maybe through banning unhelpful phrases like “that will never happen”. Maybe through turning all my more conventional ideas on their heads –

Because I have ended up feeling imprisoned by my own mind when, actually, it has the potential to take me the furthest way.


3 responses to “One thought along…

  1. Yes. Hope depends on the imagination.

  2. “How do we shoot for the stars if we can’t imagine them?” I love that. 😀

    So much beauty and truth in this post. Life without imagination isn’t really life at all. Imagination opens up so much and is essential. Thanks for sharing such powerful thoughts and ideas as always, Issa. 🙂

  3. 🙂

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