48 Hours

In 48 hours I have seen someone being tattooed; listened to live music; driven round the north circular (twice); belatedly discovered jager bombs; been given a new perspective (or ten) on a few things; danced in three separate locations; lost a filling; dented my heart a little; chatted to someone I have not chatted to for a long time; stepped out of my comfort zone in a few different directions; looked up and seen balloons; and flooded the kitchen. Amongst other things.

It is amazing how much can be packed into a life.

How two days can be filled with both the mundane and the extraordinary; and how each new experience leaves us a little changed. I am not quite the same Issa that went into the weekend; and I will not quite be the same Issa in a few days time –

It sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but I am only just beginning to understand what is meant by life, what happens when you let go and start living. That the little things have as an important a role as the bigger things; and that however prepared or pre-planned you are, something can catch you left wing. That two days can feel like a lifetime – and our lifetime is made up of days and days and days where the only condition is remaining present, though this is easier said then done –

I would hide from some of this weekend, if I could, but at the same time, I am sifting it for gold. Pulling out the moments that I will treasure and appreciating that the beautiful and the not so are intermixed. That this is part of the deal. Learning that life is not as linear as I thought it was, because each interaction with the world leaves you a little changed, which is both wonderful and a little terrifying –

I don’t think I’d want it any other way.


6 responses to “48 Hours

  1. Yay 🙂 This is how some weekends should be (and in some cases in my life, entire weeks) – crazily filled with so many things that you’re wondering if you’ll burst. I have ones like that from *years* back that I still remember clearly now!

    • I’m going for the week thing…with a little time built in for sleep and stuff. Just amazing how packed and surprising life can be when you (I) go with it 😉

  2. A little terrifying but a lot wonderful. 😉

    Life is made up little moments of living in the moment and this is such a beautiful post to read and reflect on. 🙂

    • I think it’s the present thing that changes everything. I don’t know that I did a lot more this weekend but I was in every minute so it felt totally different. Will remember this I hope…

  3. It’s kind of amazing how the little things can set off avalanches, be that last, tiny piece of a puzzle that we didn’t know we were putting together. And then, suddenly, the whole things starts to come into focus. It’s fun, and disarming, and confounding when that happens.

    And Jagger bombs can (and occasionally should) be an intrinsic part of that process, absolutely.

    • They were 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the accumulation thing but you’re spot on. The weekend stitched up lots of things that had been going on in bad and good ways (cos they’re both part of the deal, I’m learning). It’s weird how life works in that way. Like there’s a plan we’re not always privy too… or maybe we take the small actions instinctively without being fully aware of where they’ll end up or when they’ll come together. Either way I want this fuller life to continue xx

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