Another year older….

It was my birthday last weekend.

Another year older. A few more grey hairs.

My feet are still sore because we danced ’til the early hours. Twice. In fact, I have danced more in the past six months than in all the preceding years put together, and this is what my 30th year taught me about life – once you’ve dipped your toe in, it’s hard not to jump.

And when you do….

I was looking back at a post that I wrote on my birthday last year. I was trying, then, to look forward; but it was a struggle when the regret was heavy and kept yanking me back. This has shifted. The last year has been so full of first times and unexpected discoveries; of ups, downs and surprises; that I am giddy for life, both excited and curious about what will come next. Now that I’ve seen how quickly things can change and just how much there is to explore, there are a million things that I want to try and I’m firmly focused on what’s ahead.

I am yet to go to my first football match, or drink a pint of beer, or watch the sun rise over the Thames, or wobble around Hyde Park on a Boris bike. There are far flung and round-the-corner places that I haven’t visited; routes I haven’t walked; experiences just waiting to happen; people that I am yet to meet –

Because this is the other thing that I learnt last year: when you’re open to the world, it both expands and shrinks.

This year has been magically full of people. Old friends, new friends, people that have passed through and those that have stayed. Kindred spirits, guardian angels, teachers. People that have unexpectedly stretched out a hand and those that have caught me when I jumped –

It is easier to be courageous when you’re feeling connected.

It is also easier to keep looking forward when you get a glimpse of just how much there is to explore.


7 responses to “Another year older….

  1. OK. Sunrise over the Thames, tick! Sounds the perfect activity to someone travelling light, and bed and blankets are fine, but let’s watch the sunrise.
    Look! There’s Brad Pitt –>

  2. A belated Happy Birthday!!!!
    Love this line *It is easier to be courageous when you’re feeling connected.*
    So true.

    • Thank you. I think so too. Whether you succeed or stumble, it always makes a difference knowing you’re not out there on your own. xx

  3. Happy birthday. Congratulations on a great year.

  4. sanabituranima

    I am glad you are happy.

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