The Spring Thing

There is a tree round the corner from my flat that is heavy with blossom. It is thick and pink and fluffy, and every time I walk past it, I stop and look.

I know it’s a little premature and England has a habit of surprising, but

Winter drags interminably on and then, suddenly –

I am walking to the bus stop and the sky offsets the city rather than submerging it; and it is not such an effort to drag myself out of bed. Real wood fires and ice-shot sunshine aside, I am far happier in Spring. It feels like a weight has lifted and as though the world is back on my side again.

Last weekend, we drunk tea on a tiny balcony, squashed between terraced houses which trapped the first rays of Spring sun.  On Sunday, the air smelt of rain as I ran to the bus stop and the sun was still smiling when I got home. On Monday morning, the birds were singing and I accidentally stumbled into a stream of sun that kissed my cheek as it cut through the chill. Mid-week, I spotted the first daffodils on the verge . Today, I have woken up  to a world that is bathed in sunshine –

And I am not a big nature person. I do not have green fingers nor any particular affinity to the great outdoors; and, yet, I am blown away by how the world changes. How in a matter of days, the sun is waking me up and the trees that, just a few weeks ago, were knotted and bare, are sprinkled in colour. How the places that I have walked past every day for the past four months are emerging shiny and new, transformed by the light falling at a different angle. How at the same time, nature can be incredibly cruel.

This is the challenge: how to hold these two extremes side by side –

because we are bound up in nature, I am belatedly beginning to understand. The appreciation extends, I think, beyond the “doesn’t it look nice” to our relationship with the world. The ties feel intrinsic, rather than assumed; the connection evident in the cheerier morning helloes and a collective bounce in our step when Spring does its thing. Life feels slightly lighter again, or it certainly does for me –

Because Spring blossom means that the world is coming back to life a little. It is hopeful and mysterious and magical; a fundamental part of the process and also a surprise. It means long evenings and the scent of grass and the blurry buzz of summer  – and it not being quite such a struggle to go out into the world.


6 responses to “The Spring Thing

  1. I feel the same way about Spring, everything is just that little bit lighter, that little bit easier to face. And it’s certainly that little bit easier to get out of bed! I find myself looking around as I go to work in Spring, not just staring at the pavement and getting to my destination as quickly as possible. Spring lifts our heads. 🙂

    • “Spring lifts our heads”. I love that. Totally what I meant. I always end up far more introspective in winter and, at the moment, it feels impossible to only look inwards when the world is changing and there are so many lovely things to see.

  2. Yeah, I’m feeling this. Things seem a lot brighter and lighter – beyond the SAD factor there is a huge psychological boost and symbolism in the arrival of spring if you’re making big life changes.

    Fresh birth and new life; spring cleaning – it’s all there and though it’s early and winter’s still dragging on a bit there is something “hopeful and mysterious and magical” in the air. As you say, things feel less of a struggle and there’s more of a sense of optimism and lightness in the atmosphere.

    Beautiful words and thoughts – season change also seems to allow our imaginative, lyrical sides to shine as well (it definitely does for you, Issa ;)). To sum up (as you do with this phrase that I love) “spring does its thing…” 😀

    • Thanks James. Guess that’s another example of where we interact with nature. I am far more used to dividing myself off, but something seems to have shifted and I definitely feel more connected. Roll on summer and here’s to new beginnings. xx

  3. If only seasons would change in a more straightforward way than they do around here. In new England we get the one step forward, two steps back kind of weather. On Friday it was 70F and gorgeous (or so I heard, I was working all day) and then on Monday, yesterday, we got an inch of snow!
    Spring – do your thing already! The cabin fever is becoming unbearable.

    (more snow in the forecast for this week – boo)

    • Ha! England is equally fickle. I will not be surprised if it snows or something… Guess it’s just about taking the sunshine where we can 🙂

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