I was going to write a serious post about adversity and prosperity, but my head keeps drifting. It has been doing this all week. I find myself staring out of the bus window, smiling. Walking along, humming, in a world of my own.  I do not, at the moment, want to add weight to the feeling. I have not been a day dreamer, up until this point; and while I know it’s discouraged, I feel deliciously unsnagged.

And so I have decided to put the serious stuff on hold, for the moment, and write a post about day dreaming.

About what happens when you take a step back and let your mind wander without worrying that hope will lead to disappointment or dreams invite disenchantment because this is, I think, what I have finally done.

I have not worked out what has moved me beyond “but that could never happen” or cut-0ff dreams, confined within the parameters that are known. Aim – but only if the path is clearly defined; wish – but only if the wish is something within my control.

There has been sun, which makes everything lighter; and a guy, which sends reason out of the door –

but –

The shift goes further than that, I think, though I can not quite put it into words. There is a lightness that I have not experienced before and a strange balance between how dreams and real lives interrelate. It is not about escaping, as I had mistakenly believed; but about creating a space for my imagination – and my aspirations – to grow.

And so, for the moment, I’m going with it. I do not mind that my dreams can not be pinned down in reality; nor am scared that they will be dashed the moment I throw them out – 

The supply is infinite.

And, I am not worrying that the time spent staring out of bus windows could be better employed reading up on my work or checking through my emails because there is a subtle thread, underneath these musing, that is helping me work out what I really want.


6 responses to “Daydreams

  1. This – I have not been a day dreamer, up until this point; and while I know it’s discouraged, I feel deliciously unsnagged – both broke my heart a bit, and made me smile at the end. Daydreaming should never be discouraged unless it interferes with actually living. Without daydreams we would have no stories, after all.

    So dream away. Dream big, I say. 🙂

    • I think I was scared of being disappointed but it doesn’t work like that, does it? That’s where the confusion and interference come maybe – in that blurring of the lines, whether you dream too much or not enough.

      I will dream big. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are in a great place. Enjoy!

    • I have found it harder to write about being in a good place in case it disappears than to write about being in a bad place. I am pushing through this and trying to just enjoy, like you say! No point in missing the moment I’m learning. xx

  3. Beautiful, uplifting post – we need space in life for imagination and wondering/wandering. Plus, daydreams are better than ‘night dreams’ because you’re more likely to remember them and be able to access or act on them.

    Daydreaming shouldn’t be discouraged. As you say, through those dreamy moments we might find what we really want and allow our imaginations and lives to be enriched. Dream on… 😀

  4. I did get a bit confused between wondering wandering. That finding what I want has been the most interesting bit to be honest. It has been really helpful in working out what I want and watching where my mind drifts too. Maybe it’s part of accessing the subconscious? – or maybe it’s the sun 😉

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