This is my daydreaming song.

I wanted to include it here because it seems to fit, so exactly, with where my head is at the moment.

It makes me smile that I am still surprised to hear others articulate my feelings. We are all, I think, learning similar lessons, and often multiple times. Experience. Reflect. Learn. Forget. Experience. Reflect. Learn –

This is the process I am going through anyway, although the reflection sometimes comes before the experience and some lessons do not need to be reinforced.

There is a warm buzz from hearing thoughts that were hazy and unformed to me being sung. It is, I guess, one of the ways we share things that we feel alone. Every now and then a few words or a couple of stanzas come along that capture a moment, or illuminate a thought, or reflect a feeling –

The strength of resonance is quite awesome.

I am borrowing these lines from this song –

“you don’t know but that’s okay”


“Around each corner, there’s a chance, people searching glance to glance”

The second is, for me, about the magic and the vulnerability of connecting with others. The first captures an uncertainty that I am finding strangely beautiful at the moment.


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