A hundred and one mistakes

I have been a whirlwind of energy for the past month. I’ve been meeting people and doing new things and cramming as much into each day as I possibly can and always saying yes instead of always saying no and not leaving myself any time to

Stop –

And pause for a moment –

So I can see that, amongst the great stuff, I have also been making a hundred and one mistakes.

Some of them have been naively funny; some of them make me cringe; and some of them sting, because they might have brushed past other people and because they do not make me feel great about being me.

And so this is a post about mistakes.

It is back to that old cliché about learning from the things that don’t go according to plan and owning when you’ve gone in the wrong direction. It is not meant to negate how magical the past few weeks have been, nor the fact that I am pleased to be finally catching up on life; but it feels important to stand back –

For a minute –

And reassess a few things.

Because it is easy, when life moves at the speed of a rocket, to find yourself also taking off.

So this is what I have learnt from the mistakes that I have been making –

  • That balance isn’t boring; it means you can truly appreciate the good things.
  • That running through life at the speed of light can sometimes make me a little insensitive to what else is going on and that this isn’t how I want to be.
  • That it is not what you do but who you do it with that is important – and never forget the value of good friends.
  • That getting things wrong might be uncomfortable but is not a reason to stop trying different things.
  • That doing new things involves making new mistakes – and that this is okay providing that you acknowledge – and then learn from – them.
  • That the unfamiliarity of new experiences is both exciting and scary, and best approached with honesty and openness.
  • That you can’t take mistakes back – but you can own, apologise and then make up for them.
  • That I form attachments to people, experiences and things left, right and centre – and I need to make sure that if I’m whizzing through life, I still hold onto me.

8 responses to “A hundred and one mistakes

  1. Ah, but isn’t it satisfying to come to the place in life where you can admit a mistake to yourself without imploding about it? To recognise character traits and learning curves, and sigh a little and do the old palm to forehead slap with a “Doh! Look at me, I am doing it again – Being a whirlwind”. And then say it out loud, or in a blog post and suddenly it doesn’t seem half as bad as it did inside.

    Then you can chuckle and realise that people love you for who you are, mistakes and whirlwind and bravery. Because they do, you know?


    • melissawolfe

      Thank you. Lots. Wasn’t sure whether this post had a point but it was that: saying it aloud. And no, I’m not imploding (much ;)) – just bumping along I think, and hoping that a few of the lessons stick. xx

  2. *hugs* Well done.

  3. This is so well-timed. I’m whirlwinding at the moment, too, and trying to SLOW MYSELF DOWN. So thanks for the great reminder. As for the mistakes, I stand firmly by that old Samuel Beckett quote: “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” 🙂 Keep at it!

    • melissawolfe

      Love Beckett. Yes I will fail better – and never stop trying. That’s the other thing I want to remember. 🙂

  4. Just by stopping and putting things down in bullet points you’re taking your own advice. Mistakes happen and people get caught up in life and suddenly have moments where you think “Eek! What the hell?!” Kudos for actually allowing yourself that moment when it’s sometimes easier to just put blinders on and charge ahead without fully absorbing the mistakes/mess/irrational idiot things. It’s the whole step to one side for a moment and observe idea instead of flapping around like a butterfly. (All your posts come together beautifully) 🙂

    Altogether, keep up the energy, excitement and whirlwinding but make sure your take care of yourself, keep in touch with those things that can get lost in the rush and take it slow when you need to. 😀

  5. melissawolfe

    Ha! They do seem to come together don’t they, though it is far from intentional… Thanks James, I guess that’s the challenge: maintain the energy but don’t forget the lessons or give up when the learning is hard. xx

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