And then the horizon shifted….

This is not the post I was going to write.

I was flicking through my Emily Dickinson Complete Poems in search of a poem for the post I was going to write when I landed on this turned down corner, and the pull was irresistible.

This is the final stanza of 563

“I do not doubt the self I was
Was competent to me –
But something awkward in the fit –
Proves that – outgrown – I see – ”

I found an old notebook earlier today. I am amazed by the things that, only a few years ago, I spent my time worrying about. Things that now seem immaterial but felt, then, like the most important things in the world.

It was a little painful going back there but it got me thinking about how we move on. How we start with tentative baby steps and the success of achieving these propels us on –

The things that I do now were, to that me, unimaginable – but I guess we do not know what the next challenge will be until the initial ones have been done.

And so, I have been thinking, again, about expanding horizons. About how the process of change seems to accelerate as we move on. How one step alters the landscape and, as we become accustomed to the movement, the challenges become bigger (and yet also more imaginable) until we find our old selves “outgrown” –

It is, at first, unsettling and then, amazing; because it means that the limits are ever-shifting and there is always an incentive to see how far we can go.


4 responses to “And then the horizon shifted….

  1. sanabituranima


  2. This is beautiful and touching. I think it’s an emotional version of doing what scares you. I feel when I read you that I’m reading about the most stunning, amazing evolution.

    • Thank you. Really touched – and echo the sentiment. xx

      (p.s. isn’t it amazing how Emily Dickinson has a poem for just about everything! Am always struck by how she manages to articulate experiences which resonate so deeply and cover so many emotional states)

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