Moments –

I have been far too serious over here recently.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I spend most of my time digging around in my head or going in philosophical circles knots – but, actually, it only takes up about 60% of my time.

Not even that.

I have been trying to keep the emphasis on living – rather than thinking about living – and it’s meant that when I’m not being all introspective, I’ve had a little learning and lots of fun.

It seems a shame to only focus on the weighty stuff, so I wanted to hat tip the things that have been keeping me busy over here. Life moves so fast; and there is a tension in me between wanting to skip merrily onto the next thing – and pausing to capture and appreciate what has gone on.

Last week was full of golden moments. Here are some –

The shadow of the Alps behind a sharp blue sky. Bottles of wine in a French courtyard under a blazing hot sun. Mussels and the smell of rain and out-of-a-film tunnels between the narrow terracotta alleys of old Lyon. Cathedrals so ornate that the work carries an echo of the people who have gone before; Roman ruins that immediately connect you back –

Live music that takes you somewhere else. An evening with an old friend, and the sense that brings of coming home. A passing-the-door-of-my-work visit from my baby nephew; and his delight at the fact that he is now able to properly roll. A creative session that blew out the cobwebs and the satisfied tiredness of feeling like you’ve moved an idea on.

My first bookslam. The excitement of discovering blow-you-away authors and the surprise at enjoying something that you weren’t a hundred percent sure about. A lazy Friday night with a glass of wine and the irresistible pull of sleep halfway through a film…

There was some hard stuff in between and a lot of rain – but this is some of the magic that I want to make sure I keep, especially as I’m not sure all my weeks will be this adventurous!

Would love to hear about anything you’re taking with you too. 🙂


5 responses to “Moments –

  1. I stumbled upon your post doing an exercise in a social media marketing class. I’m very glad I did. Really enjoyed reading it and your perspective and I’ll be returning. I’m just starting out with my own word press blog (spirituality, the mystical properties of gemstones, general musing).

  2. Wow! I loved your beautiful moments… especially the way you told them. (The thought of your nephew proud of his ability roll over has me grinning!) Okay… It’s interesting that you ask this question because in some ways this week was just awful. I had a major failure of communication that resulted in awkwardness and hurt feelings; I (once again) revised my query letter which I’d thought was done; I met anger with anger (instead of choosing love); I had to justify my decision to not eat meat as if there were something inherently questionable about my choice.

    BUT… I also figured out what was wrong with a story I’ve been working on and am now HUGELY excited to tackle it next week; I placed an article I’d (reluctantly) given up on; I took my mom out to high tea (which is unusual here in California); and I nailed my query on rewrite. 😉

    It’s not as cool list as your list, but I realize, typing this comment, how I tend to focus on the bad stuff. A lot of good happened this week. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. I think it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff and I wanted to write this to shift the emphasis; and because it is important for me to hold onto these memories when things are not so great. It’s hard to get the balance I think – and to not view things through either rose-tinted or black glasses. It is also, for me, slightly scary to acknowledge and name where things are really good. It feels like there is more of a risk.

    Glad you had your story breakthrough and high tea sounds so much fun 🙂 Gonna make sure that I keep recognising the big and small good stuff in the next few weeks. xx

  4. Awesome stuff, Issa, and everything sounds brilliant.

    Life is made of moments and right now as I move from beautiful moment to beautiful moment on my own adventure in Italy I feel this really strongly and the introspective psycho-knots don’t eat at your mind so much. Big and small things all make a difference and mean that every phone call home and conversation I have is a breathless splurge of enthusiasm and excitement.

    Life is experiencing things and actually living instead of worrying and getting bogged down. As always, great posts, beautiful thoughts and on with the good stuff from the great journey (your whole life is epic and incredible if you really appreciate it). 🙂 x

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