A hundred and one beautiful things

I got hung up last week about a few things that weren’t going in the direction that I wanted them to go in, when a special someone reminded me not to forget about the other beautiful things –

There are a hundred and one beautiful things in my life at the moment; and, yet, it is scarily easy to fixate on the fleeing one….

And so, I am writing this post to remind myself to –

Take a step back.

Look at the bigger picture.

And never forget how many wonderful things and incredible people there are in my world –

Because sometimes, it is easy to get side-tracked by the one thing that’s going badly or to run blindly after something, with little consideration for just how much you might be leaving behind.


2 responses to “A hundred and one beautiful things

  1. This makes me smile. xox

  2. This was beautiful to read. We all need this reminder sometimes, and today i got it from you xx

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