The 101 Things Challenge

For anyone who’s managed to escape my million tweets and FB updates (congratulations!!), I’ve started a new site.

It’s a bit different from what I’ve done before.

It’s about doing, rather than thinking, and there may be some pictures as well as words 🙂

I am strangely excited and a tiny bit scared.

I realised, during my blog holiday, that I need writing to connect me to the world. I also realised that I needed something to write about – and this hits two birds with one stone. It’s also designed to get me moving because it has felt, lately, like I have been a bit stuck –

There is nothing like a new project to provide a new focus and get the heart pumping again.

I’ll keep dipping in here when (if) I have something that I’m desperate to say…but I am looking forward to exploring lots of new areas and I’d love for you to be involved.


One response to “The 101 Things Challenge

  1. Hooooooorah!!!!! 🙂

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