Telephone box spotting

I have been telephone box spotting.

It is funny how, when you start looking for something, you notice hundreds that you’ve managed to ignore before.

Unfortunately, it’s not the ordinary ones I’m looking for at the moment though. No, this summer it’s all about unusual telephone boxes. Like one’s with giraffes bursting out of them.

A few months ago, there was a Fabergé  Easter Egg hunt across London. In the lead up to the Easter weekend, ornate eggs were placed throughout the city and, eventually, auctioned off for charity (a link which, due to the rather badly positioned signage, largely passed me by). Anyway, for a month, I kept stumbling (not literally) upon painted eggs, and eggs in glass boxes, and eggs dangling from unexpected places. Cracked eggs, eggs with the top missing, abstract eggs, eggs which were clearly meant to represent something else…

There is something incredibly delightful about coming across something that you don’t expect to see, particularly in somewhere that you are used to going. There is also something unexpectedly delightful about turning the mundane into the magical. And apparently the novelty hasn’t worn off for me…

So, telephone boxes it now is, and last weekend I found this one –

– and then this one –

– and this a little too blatantly for my liking branded one –

– and a couple more that aren’t quite crazy enough to post.

Apparently there are quite a few still out there so I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for a while longer…which is definitely a good thing because it’s surprising what you notice when you really start looking around 🙂


5 responses to “Telephone box spotting

  1. There’s a really cool one in Spitalfields Market – white with pink flowers bursting out of it. Very pretty!! Do you know what they’re in aid of?

  2. Really? Will walk past there on way home 🙂 Looks like they’re for ChildLine –

  3. I want the stained glass one! Can we go steal it?
    GREAT to read your writing again, I have missed it too much xx

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