Hello world (and this is a real post)

Last night I painted the skirting boards.

If you ignore the bits where the newspaper cut into the wet paint or we were a little overcautious with the edges of the carpet that we’ll hopefully be saying goodbye to soon anyway, it looks pretty good. The same goes for the walls and the ceilings. Over-examination is never a good thing.

I was talking to my old boss afterwards and I realised that I haven’t been writing properly for a year. “That’ll be what’s wrong” is one of the things she said. It’s hard to fit writing in with everyday life, particularly when everyday life is full of moving houses and unpacking boxes and the daily commute and time for friends and work and lazy dinners with wine –

I guess you can always find an excuse for not doing things.

I responded, “but I have nothing to write about at the moment” but, as I was lying in bed waiting for the diet coke to wear off, I wondered how that could possibly be true. Making every moment count has been one of my priorities for the past few years and I am sorry that I have stopped noticing them.

So I decided, last night, that writing every day was a priority, whether I thought I had something to say or not. That even a line of “today I painted skirting boards” was sufficient for me to appreciate the moment. That even if whatever “theme” I am seeking is not obvious at the moment, it’s not going to become any more apparent if I just sit waiting for the sledge hammer rather than creating a space where it can emerge.

Guess I’m back.


One response to “Hello world (and this is a real post)

  1. I don’t understand skirting boards. I bashed my head on one when I was a baby and since then I think our relationship has been one of confused antagonism. Do we really need something that has no function beyond standing as an obvious statement that, yes, the floor has ended and the wall has begun? Are they worth all the expense and effort? Aside from giving you an opportunity in meditative art motion, is there any point in painting them? Really, skirting boards: why?

    (Yeah, welcome back and here’s to writing just for the sake of writing and finding the little things in life that make life life.) 😉

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