Things that don’t make sense

A fight ended outside our flat on Sunday morning. I’m not quite sure where it started. There was crime scene tape across our front gate in the morning. Apparently the guy will be okay.

Everyone has been saying that these things happen, occasionally. That people sometimes do crazy things. That humanity is not doomed.

I hear it but I am acutely aware of the bad stuff that goes on out there.

I have been told that you see the world through the filters that you put on it. That if you’re looking for bad stuff, you’re more likely to see it. I wonder how you change that. How you reprogramme the story that you’re subconsciously seeking to prove. It all seems very scary and dangerous when you focus on the bad things.

Maybe if you concentrate on the evidence to the default contrary, you can start to adjust the lens. 99 great examples versus 1 bad one. Keeping it in proportion.

Maybe you just have to accept that this is how life works. That the incomprehensible exists alongside the comprehensible. That the bad does not reduce the good.

In the storytelling thing that I wrote about last week, the guy talked about how stories make the world less scary. How they are used to make sense of the world – to give the meaning that we all crave. I guess it is logical that when the stories don’t make sense, it all seems even more confusing.

Maybe, when the world feel very big and lonely, the only thing you can do is look for the small magical things that bring it closer again.

Sometimes I forget to look.


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