Today’s date is 12/12/12. Everyone is going crazy about it on Twitter. I am kind of taken by the notion too though I’ve no real idea why – if you add in 2012, it all goes to pot.

I am not that pedantic.

I guess there are two things that strike me about 12/12/12. For a start, there is something in the finality of the day (we will never again see a date pattern like that) that makes it special. I kind of wish I’d paid attention to 11/11/11 and 10/10/10 and the other dates that passed me by unnoticed.

And, then, there is something kind of warming in the fact that we’re all paying attention to a date. It is rare, I think, that people pause and think about a moment in time or history without there being a significant event, or without the significance only applying to some. I know I’m over-sentimental but the shared acknowledgement feels good. There’s a sense of togetherness that doesn’t often extend so far.

There is also something kind of sad in there. It is hard to have a last of anything without a slight sense of loss.


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