After my last circus fiasco, I am pleased to report that Fuerzabruta was every bit as good as I was led to expect. While opinion seems to be divided on whether it was a meaningless spectacle or the story of a man’s journey through death, I enjoyed every minute and these are the things that I hope I don’t forget….

The drumbeats that went through you, at the beginning, and the sight, suddenly, of five brightly dressed people flying out of the darkness above you.

The metallic curtaining that drew around the standing spectators and across which two girls chased each other in cartwheels. The notion that the ground was not always horizontal but simply what was under your feet.

A man, in white, running faster and faster on a treadmill. The white against the darkness. A barrage of paper flakes and rain. An increase in speed. The sound of a gunshot.

And the same again.

A swimming pool suspended above the audience. The bubbles that followed the swimming bodies around and the shapes that the water made when it was sliced and splashed and spun in. The surprise of watching diving from underneath. The surprise that the swimming pool didn’t leak.

A plastic bubble inflated over the audience and the bodies that came down through the portholes to pick up unsuspecting spectators and make them feel what it felt like to fly. The delight of that possibility.

A rainstorm of foil paper that transformed the audience and which I am still shaking out of my clothes. The sense of excitement that accompanied the surprise. The idea that anything was possible.


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