January is a funny month. It feels like everything should be new and shiny, like in September; but, in fact, the days are both too short and too long, and the post-Christmas nose dive seems inevitable, even when you’re prepared.

I am aware that there is a group of detoxing, fitness-finding, 2013 enthusiasts out there, fired up for action, but it doesn’t seem to be catching.  January feels like enough of a challenge without piling more pressure on.

The Harvard Business Review had an approach that I liked: dream in January, in February it all happens.  The friend that I just had lunch with suggested hibernation. That sounds good too. I have overloaded January with things and I now realise that curling up on the sofa is what I want most.

I would also like to start dreaming and I wonder what has stopped me.

Perhaps I have got jaded and forgotten how to let my imagination wander. Perhaps the busyness is easier than stepping back and just being, or stepping back and thinking about what you want. Once you’ve realised that, you’re kind of obliged to act on it.

I am embarrassed that I write that like it’s a bad thing.

Maybe I actually need to put a bit of time aside and see –


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