How to make your world big

There is one thing you must not do: let your world get small. I know this because I have shrunk mine to a cage and, also, blown it up until it was so big that I couldn’t see around the corners and the possibilities spread out like sunshine: you could see them shimmering.

Life can go either way.

I forget this sometimes. If you get accustomed to the dark, the sunshine becomes a distant memory.

It is surprisingly easy to make your world bigger.

I forget this sometimes too.

I am reading ‘The secret lives of bees’ at the moment. It captures perfectly the miraculous nature of the world and how, when you look up, you can’t help but be amazed. It is always there, waiting, but sometimes you can forget to look.

This is the first way to make your world bigger, I think. The second is to reach out. The third, to do old things differently; the fourth, to do something else.

I wonder why it is so hard to remember this.


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