The new 101 things in a 101 days challenge. Reduced.

After a weekend in sunny Madrid, I have come back to London with a bad case of the post-holiday blues. It is not really shifting and I have been waking up wondering why an earth I am choosing to remain in an overcast City that seems to have lost its magic and is a million miles away from the Mediterranean rays and two euro wine.

I know.


Anyway, given that my Spanish extends to hola and vino and my recent move has swallowed up any small pockets of remaining cash, I guess I’m stuck here for the moment and feeling a little like I need to shake things up a bit. As a good friend said to me at the weekend, if you don’t change anything, things don’t change…

A few years ago I challenged myself to do 101 things in a 101 days. It was a challenge that I ultimately failed – but which I loved every minute of. I think I’m going to have to do something similar again cos there’s still a big world out there that I have only scratched the surface of. So, in the interests of travelling without going anywhere, I’m going to set myself a list of things to do in the next few months and see if that makes my world a bit bigger again. Here goes…..

1. Find a Spanish school and get beyond my current two words
2. Bikram yoga. Heat is good, right?
3. That book I was going to write? Start with a plan
4. Borrow a doggie (.com)
5. Learn to programme. GA has promised that it can be done in two days. I’m willing to be proved wrong
6. Visit all the castles within a 20 mile radius of my house. It’s Kent. There are lots
7. Learn to lindyhop
8. Plant something. Anything. And don’t let it die within two weeks
9. Stop smoking. Sometimes your world gets better by not doing things rather than doing things
10. A week off social media. As above. Not quite sure how I’ll get round the fact that I work in social media but hey…
11. Beaches. Beaches. Beaches. Visit at least 4 in Kent. Although I’m not by the sea (apparently Kent is a big place!), I’m a lot nearer than I’ve been before
12. Cook a BBQ rather than be cooked at BBQ
13. A Texan adventure. This is a bit of a pre-planned treat but I reckon it can still count
14. Something for someone else
15. Make a cup cake. Or several
16. Learn to play the whole of the Moonlight Sonata. Not just the first few pages. And not just with one hand
17. Write a life list. Again.
18. That how to draw cartoon book I brought 5 years ago. Do it.
19. Meet new people. There are few things that are more exciting. There are also, in London, few things that are harder
20. Get a MAC make-over

I know I’ve already done a few of these things and I know some of them are things that I really should have done before (the cup cake being a case in point) but, hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

The deadline is September 1st. I’m starting today.


2 responses to “The new 101 things in a 101 days challenge. Reduced.

  1. Ooh! Woccha starting with?

  2. 20, will be interesting. Castles: I don’t know where you are in Kent but you must go to Dover (to which, shamefully, I have never been), Hever (home of Anne Boleyn, loads to learn on a fascinating period of history, plus huskies) and Leeds (lovely grounds and rooms).
    You might also want to add going to Go Ape at Leeds Castle to your list of exciting and new things …

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