A big adventure

If in six months time my world starts to feel small and claustrophobic again, I hope that I look back on this summer and remember that actually it’s incredibly big and amazing, and that there are always doors that you can open if you’re prepared to look for them.

It has not been an easy summer but I have come out of it a happier Issa than I went in to it.


I started writing a long post about my Texas adventure and the things I’d been up to this summer, hoping that if I captured everything in words, the memories would somehow be pinned down and retain their sharpness. It doesn’t work like that, I don’t think, so here are the few things I don’t want to lose to time –

I have only seen a tiny fraction of a massive world that is filled with surprising and strange and beautiful and unimaginable things. It is always there to explore. The easiest way to change your world is by stepping into a bigger one.

Nothing beats the feeling of jumping into an icy spring after spending the day walking around in 40 degree heat. Nothing.

Texans sure know how to dance and it is super fun to be whisked around a Texan bar. I was not very good because I am far too self conscious – I’ve been saying it for years but that’s something I really need to change.

It is okay to be on your own. It is particularly okay if you’re on your own by a private swimming pool in the very hot sunshine.

Where you live doesn’t matter when you find your soulmates – and you never know where that might be.



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